A mobile wallet solution that is simple to on-board, use, readily available, secure, future proof, and independent mobile payment platform that is available for banks to deploy today.

Covers all payment scenarios for individuals: Face-to-Face, Peer-to-Peer, Remote, Web & Mobile, and Bill Payment. Hey-Pay is secured using a state-of-the-art and proprietary encryption algorithm. Partnerships is deployed exclusively by banks and payment gateway partners, fully compliant with countries' payment regulations.

Our solution will facilitate payment across all partner banks to ensure anyone can sign up and use Hey-Pay!



Six Situations of Payment

  • Payment between Hey-Pay! users is a simple 3 step process that uses the payee's mobile number for identity authentication. The payer enters the amount to be paid and the transaction is cleared instantly.
  • Payer initiates payment from the mobile application by selecting 'Pay to Mobile'
  • Payer initiates payment from mobile application by entering the payee's mobile number and the amount paid
  • Payee can be selected from contact list
  • Payer Application shows the name & picture of the payee from Hey-Pay! network
  • Payer enters PIN (or fingerprint) to confirm the payment
  • Payment is cleared
  • Payer is Debited
  • Payer is Credited
  • Payment between a Hey-Pay! and a non Hey-Pay! user is easy. The Hey-Pay! payee simply enters the amount and the telephone number to send the money to. The payee receives an SMS notification with a code to retrieve money from any partner Hey-Pay! Bank branch or ATM.
  • 1)Payer initiates payment from the mobile application by selecting 'Pay to Mobile'
  • 2)Payer enters payee's mobile number and the amount to be paid
  • 3)Payer Application will tell Payee that they are not a Hey-Pay! user and requests amount, PIN (or fingerprint), and name of payee
  • Payer enters PIN (or fingerprint) to confirm the payment
  • Payment is cleared
  • Payer is Debited
  • Payee can go to any Hey-Pay! Bank branch or ATM1
  • Hey-Pay! includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) that mobile app developers to receive in-app purchases simply and securely.
  • At checkout, payer selects Hey-Pay! as a payment option
  • App switches from merchant app to Hey-Pay! Mobile app
  • Payer confirms amount to be paid
  • Payer authenticates the transaction through biometric fingerprint scanning or PIN
  • Payment is cleared
  • User is returned to merchant app
  • Payer is debited
  • Merchant is credited
  • Paying face-to-face at merchant is highly secure and ensured at the initiation, merchant, and payer levels. Offline QR code generation ensures that payment works even when the payer is offline (e.g. roaming, out of data, out of service, etc...)
  • Payment Initiation
  • Face-to-Face Payments use a patented, dynamic, one-time QR code that is generated offline by the user application installed
  • Offline QR code generation allows payer to be offline while paying
  • The one-time QR code is shown on the merchant's device for scanning by the customer to execute the payment and is validated by the bank's server
  • Each code generated includes a unique identifier that is used to generate the QR code, dramatically increasing security
  • Merchant Confirmation
  • After the QR code is scanned, the transaction is validated by the payer's bank and a response is given back to the merchant device
  • Payment to a remote merchant (e.g. telephone shopping, food delivery, etc.) is straightforward: the merchant requests payment from a user via their telephone number, the user confirms the payment, and the transaction is cleared instantly.
  • Merchant enters amount to be paid
  • Merchant enters Payer's Mobile number
  • Merchant awaits Payer's approval
  • Payer receives notification requesting payment
  • Payer approves payment by entering 6-10 digit PIN (or fingerprint)
  • Payment is cleared
  • Payer is debited
  • Merchant is credited
  • Bill payment or paying for listed goods, services, and utilities is simple. The payer simply selects what he/she would like to purchase, enters their 6-10 digit PIN (or fingerprint), and confirms the purchase.
  • Payer initiates payment by selecting Utilities on the mobile app
  • Payer selects the services to transact
  • e.g. Touch
  • Payer selects the product (e.g. Touch Recharge Card 90 Days)
  • Payer enters his/her 6-10 digit PIN (or fingerprint) to confirm purchase
  • Payment is cleared
  • Payer's Account Debited
  • Utility account Credited


HEY-PAY Mobile Payment solution was designed with security as its primary concern. Several levels of security mechanisms are built in the solution.


Remote and
Online Security

The merchant initiates the payment by entering the payer's mobile number and the amount to be charged. For an online payment, the amount is automatically generated by the website and shown on the merchant's site and the user enters his/her mobile number on the merchant's site.

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A request is sent to the payer's handset that will then approve or decline the transaction. The remote payment is a proprietary and unique concept where no financial information transits online.

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Side Security

The patented Dynamic code is a onetime QR code generated offline by the application installed on the payer's device for each payment without the need to be connected to the Internet. It will be shown to the merchant's device for scanning to execute the payment.

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Each code generated includes a unique sequence number that will generate a unique QR code that makes it near impossible to forge. Above floor, the transaction is validated by the user using patented reshuffled Keyboard.

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Peer to Peer

The payer initiates the payment by entering the payee's phone number and the amount to be transferred. Hey Pay checks if the mobile number is registered in the bank's servers. If registered, it returns the name and the picture of the payee for confirmation purposes and requests the payer to enter his/her pin...

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This process provides multi verification levels to avoid payment to the wrong payee. If it's not registered, it returns a page informing the payer that the phone number is not a registered user and requests details such as the name of the payee and the PIN for confirmation purposes. The system then sends an SMS to the payee with a code that retrieves the money from the bank counter/ATM.

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